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Empowering Global Access to Essential Services

Connecting the world with cutting-edge technology, we provide a wide range of services for a brighter, more accessible future.

About Us

Unlocking Global Potential Our Aims

Global Digitization: We're dedicated to global business digitization and accessibility.

Entrepreneurial Empowerment: We support aspiring entrepreneurs in the competitive online space.

Quality, Affordability, Automation: We provide top-quality, cost-effective solutions through automation for business success.

Our Brands

Explore Our Brands and the Diverse Range of Services We Offer.

Kii Group and Company | Kiix

Solving Complex Business Problems with Innovative Digital Solutions while Helping enterprises start their digital journey.

Kii Group and Company | KII Print

Providing Quality-Centric Comprehensive Printing Solutions with a Wide Array of Products and Services to Fulfill All Your Printing Needs.

Kii Group and Company | Folding Furniture

Crafting Versatile Furniture Solutions with Uncompromised Quality and Exquisite Craftsmanship, Tailored to Reflect Your Unique Style.

Industries We Are In


Driving Digital Transformation with Innovative IT Solutions and Services.

Printing Industry

Revolutionizing Industries with State-of-the-Art Precision 3D and Digital Printing Technology.


Enabling Business Success in the Dynamic World of Online Commerce.

Security Surveillance

Ensuring Comprehensive Security through Cutting-Edge Surveillance Solutions.

Cloud Kitchen

Culinary Excellence Delivered Directly from the Cloud to Your Plate.


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