KII GROUP & COMPANY - Our main target is to provide everything online, Whatever you need from wherever we will always try our best to arrange the same with the fastest delivery possible. Our service is worldwide based and we always try to give the best support to each and every single customer - Before sale and after-sale we will be available for your help. 










Having registered firms  - Kingsidea Online Solution Pvt. Ltd. and Parthib Technologies India Private Limited
Registered Office address - Ward 13, Durgapur, Kailashahar
Unakoti Tripura, Tripura - 799279.

Working Hours - 24*7*365,  T&C applied. 

Main features -

  • Transparent business with LIVE DEMO of stock products.

  • instant LIVE tracking or order

  • Individual sales/customer care executive for every customer

  • 24 hours calling service  

  • Replacement guaranteed for mentioned products.

  • No fake/fade show off for sale and profit.

  • No stock support - sale from another supplier with our guarantee.


Founded by Mr Parthib Deb (Founder CEO) in the year 2012. 


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‘‘A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.’’  - Henry Ford

We - The KII team beyond the business world

We are converters as we always try our best to convert the worst to the best, it may be a situation, a particular thing, or maybe something beyond words.

We believe that every single thing in this universe has both good & bad qualities and its

depend on the user and his ability to think on how to judge that thing.
We believe that without Moral knowledge a body with 2 hands and 2 legs will not be a human.

  **Karma - Do good things and good things will come your way**